You’re Not Special

[Important Note:  In all that I write, I do my best to never use “you” or say “you”, because, I don’t want to come across as if I’m talking to “you”.  Unless, you actually means you and that’s on you, of course.  In this post, I tried not to use “you”, but the message loses a lot without it. Please understand that “you” is a metaphorical pronoun and pertains to the ether of the 8-billion of us.  Thanks for understanding.]

[Oh, and I’m aware that I’m risking a Jerry Maguire moment here, but this is from my heart with love to and for all humans who really just want to live and enjoy a peaceful life.]

So, here ‘goes …

The odds of any one of us being here on earth, as we are, in this realm, is 400-trillion to one.  Mathematicians begin to say the word, “miracle” in the low billions, but when it comes to trillions, they use words like “impossible”.  But, 400-trillion?  We are all impossible beings having this human experience and this meat suit is just a vehicle.

Some human vehicles are small, skinny, beautiful, black, white, brownish, bald, tall, and so on.  Some vehicles are sports cars, supercars, family sedans, mini-vans, pick-up trucks, and some run on electric, or gas, or diesel; maybe a combination and they all come in different styles.  Our vehicle usually runs pretty good for about 80 – 100 years or so, at which point, it’s retired.  But our infinite soul goes on, just like it did for the billions of years before.

We humans as a whole aren’t really that special and our overall self-importance is highly exaggerated.  No one is special, because we all are.  400-trillion to one! 

You don’t need a special celebration or special recognition that excludes you from the rest of the human race to be validated as a person or a group.  You’re already validated, because you’re here.  And you can’t have equality and be especially divided at the same time; getting angry when you’re not treated as equal, but also angry when not treated as special.  WTF?

Not everyone likes everybody.  Not everyone will like you.  Some will hate you.  Some will say and do shit to you that’s pretty fucked up.  It happens.  It’s happened to me and most everyone.  It’s heaven and hell, good and evil, right here on this speck of dust. 

“Oh yeah?  Well you don’t understand what it’s like to …!” 

No, I don’t.  We don’t.  They don’t.  So? 

We all have a story; a background, a past and we’re all a little fucked up.  Some more so than others.  But hatred, divisiveness, misery, anger, doing evil shit, vandalism, and racism (doesn’t matter what color you are), all damage our human vehicle inside and out.  It overheats, breaks down, gets dinged up, and starts running like shit.  Sometimes it’s even impounded or taken to the junk yard prematurely. 

Don’t live a miserable existence.  For what?  We live on a tiny piece of dirt, on a minuscule speck of dust, floating through the universe.  A universe so vast, it’s incomprehensible.  For all we know, it’s 37 billion years old, and we’re here for a mere 80 – 100?  Lighten … up.  Enjoy life!

If you’re having a personal identity crisis, I get it.  A lot of us don’t exactly know who we are sometimes, and we question ourselves along this weird journey.  It’s normal.  You’re normal.  

And it’s not the world’s responsibility to understand and to make sure you feel safe and comfortable in every damn situation or conversation.  There are 8-billion of us on this speck of dust.  With everyone having a special story, that causes a shit ton of angst and friction.  That’s no way to live. 

If you’re comfortable with whom you are, cool.  Just be and we’re cool.  No one really cares either way, and that’s a good thing.  Quit making it a thing!  The vast majority of humans don’t hate anyone because of their sexual preference, gender identity, color, religion, and so on, but if it seems that way, maybe it’s because you’re an impossible asshole.  Relax and quit making everyone feel uncomfortable, because you’re special.  You’re not. 

If you want to be called “they”, cool.  Just don’t expect people to call you that; and you have no right to get angry with them and want them burned at the stake when they don’t.  It’s extremely cumbersome.  They may call you “they”, “he”, “she”, John (if that’s your name), “asshole”, “bitch”, “dickhead”, “bro”, “sister”, “peep”, “dude”, “chick”, “man”, “amigo”, “mate”, “girl”, “girlfriend”, “guys”, etc.  Everyone is called these things and addressed as these things and the world still turns.  Not a big deal.    

Look inside your heart.  How do you want to live this short time we have here?  That’s what matters; not the manipulative news, hate groups, fake groups, politicians, celebrities, or the gas-lighting “influencers”. 

We’re all just like everyone else.  You … me … them … everybody.  We’re the same and different in so many ways.  So many ways.  That’s special. 


One thought on “You’re Not Special

  1. It is amazing how words that don’t even mean anything negative have become so horrible to either say or not say. I understand the derogatory slang but calling someone he because she looks like a he, it’s a mistake, it isn’t meant to hurt anyone.


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