As a Drop in the Ocean, We Are

As a drop of water, we are just that; a drop.

When we drop into the ocean, we are no longer a drop.  We are the ocean.

We are always the ocean. 

As a wave, we grow and we crash; rise and fall.

The wave is there, but then its gone and we are still the ocean.

In a cloud, a swimming pool, inside an orange, frozen on Everest, a cup of coffee, and the majority of what’s inside us, we are the ocean.

We are the ocean.

As a human, we are a drop.

A drop within the universe and we are no longer a drop.  We are the universe.

Our wave will crash one day and we will no longer be a wave, but we’ll still be the universe.

We are infinite consciousness, having a human experience, as David Icke would say.

We have always been and will always be.

We are the universe. 

My brief experience as a mostly British and Italian carbon-based male life form will eventually become something else, but infinitely and consciously the universe.

Yoga, translated from Sanskrit, means union.  An individual and universal consciousness as one. A tree is a species of plant, as a tuna is a species of fish, as a human is a species of mammal. 

All the universe.  Too new-agey?  Let’s move on …   

The concept of race is merely cultural, ethnic, and genetic, while the species is always human.  Our cultural attributes, like food, language, clothing styles, traditions and customs, values and beliefs categorize us, but can also bring us together. 

Our ethnic traits come from our nationality, but also our social construct (a Scottish person from Scotland is different from a German person from Germany, but if both are from the United States, they are also different).  All white, but quite different. 

Which brings us to genetic traits, like skin color, bone structure, and other physical attributes.  Jamaican, African American, and Congolese are all black, but quite different.  Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are all Asian, but quite different, ethnically and culturally.    

What differentiates us, makes us an amazing species.  What divides us through what we call racism, is made-up bullshit.  Made up to control, stoke, and manipulate for gains of power and money.  The race card is such a cheap and easy tool.  Politics and religion aren’t far behind.    

That group of punks who jump me and my friends when I was ten, were black.  Those two assholes who pressed guns into my head, were white.  That gang leader I got into it with in high-school, was Spanish.  I wonder if they were democrats or republicans; catholic or Baptist.  Eh … doesn’t matter. 

That bush that gave me a rash that spread over my entire body, just happened to be poison ivy.  I don’t hate all bushes.  I’m not going to burn down a forest to eradicate poisonous foliage. 

I don’t want to destroy all fish, because of that moray eel that shredded one of my fingers.  Lots of stitches on that one.  I did kill that eel though.  Just a reaction.  Hey, I am no Yogi.

But those trees, fish, people; even that ocean, that mountain, that star, that galaxy and everything in between and therein, is us; the universe itself.   

This human experience is very brief.  Don’t let those who don’t respect it, destroy it for you.  I’ve done a lot of traveling and I found there are classless, racist, mean assholes of all sorts.  Some think they’re really nice people, when they are definitely not.

But, I’ve also found that most humans are inherently and genuinely kind, warm, friendly, and good.

Cheers to us drops of water.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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