Let Go of Perfect

Let go of perfect.

If you want to love, let go of perfect.

If you want to make something, achieve something, be something, let go of perfect.

Happiness?  Success?  Oh … let go of perfect.

It’s a hiding place, providing a false sense of security. 

Perfect is the avoidance of failure, and an excuse for procrastination.

Perfect paralyzes potential and yet, it’s our favorite flaw. 

“Tell us, what is your greatest weakness?” 

“Oh, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”  (Failed that interview)

All our lives, from kindergarten through high school graduation, we’ve taken hundreds of standardized tests that, unless we’ve gotten 100%, we weren’t perfect.  The pressure and stigma that comes with that is fucking brutal.  It takes a real toll on our psychology, character, outlook, and happiness.

Standardized tests for humans is oxymoronic.  Humans are not standard issue!

We are Wabi Sabi; amazing beings because of our imperfections.  Beautiful, because of our flaws.  Happy, because of our self-acceptance.  Successful, because of our failures.

We’re raised in an atmosphere in which our potential is predicated on the judgement of others.  It’s so prevalent that it seems normal.  It’s not!  It’s fucked up.

Our report card is all A’s and B’s, but that one D gets our parents a phone call and a visit with the teacher.  What about the A’s and B’s?  Instead of going deep on what we’re good at, we’re taught to focus on our failures.  I hated chemistry! 

This is why we must keep up with the Jones’.  We have to have the bigger house, the better name-brand car and it better be a new model, a prestigious job title, expensive handbags (a big ass bag to keep mostly unnecessary shit in), and overpriced wine.

We must let go of all that perfectionism conditioning!  Shed it like a skin that just doesn’t fit us anymore. 

And … who’s judging us?  Other humans?  Other flawed humans.  The gossipy, self-righteous, and pretentious people whom are hard-core victims of perfection conditioning.  It’s a horrible tragedy and quite miserable.    

Go do shit.  Do work that is amazingly good enough and fulfilling enough to be seen through to fruition.  Put it out there, imperfect as it is.  Celebrate the accomplishments. Live an imperfect life of happiness, fulfillment, and success.  Life is lived in the doing.

Let go of perfect, because perfection itself is flawed. 

Cheers. I wish you health, wealth, and happiness.  

Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on Unsplash

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