The Future and the Past Aren’t Real; Not Yet and Not Anymore

Instead of worrying about the future, do the now well and the future will unfold accordingly. Sort of paraphrased by Sadhguru.   

The only reality that exists is now.  Now is the time for action.  That’s where karma comes in.  Literally translated from Sanskrit, karma is action.  Good, bad, indifferent, or even if that action is non-action; that is karma.  The karma we do in the now, produces our future.

And while karma is action, it’s not a transaction.  It’s a way of being, not an exchange of “good” and services.  For the most part, the effects of karma are indirect.  It’s never instant, but always immediate.    

Goals, beliefs, faiths, and ideas are nothing without karma.  Our karma will unfold reality before us and so we  move here, there, and onward; this direction and that one.  We can step back, side to side, and forward according to real-time circumstances, context, dynamics, and variables.  It affords us the ability to make intelligent and informed decisions, based on past experiences, knowledge, and learned wisdom. 

Past experiences?  While the past isn’t happening now, it did happen.  It was real, then.  With that, we guide our karma in the now to shape our future, which will also be real, when it gets here and it too will become now.

The effects are exponential.  Karma produces compounding returns.  Wait, I hear The Fixx on the radio, “It doesn’t mean much now; it’s built for the future.”

I don’t want to minimize anyone’s past experiences or circumstances, tragic and tough as they may be.  Respect.  We all have our own story and burdens to bare and some, more horrible than others.  Meanwhile, there are those who have gotten an incredibly blissful head start. 

But … now. 

How do we do the now well?  Care and love for others, but ourselves first.  Human engagement, communication, trust, understanding, humor, truth, empathy, learning, kindness, peace (not foolishness), abolish divisive brainwashing, and action.  Karma is about doing.

But, what about positivity?  That and five dollars might get us a coffee at Starbucks.  Those who believe the glass is half full are positive, right?  And, those who believe the glass is half empty are negative, right?

Wrong.  The glass is always completely full.  Half water and half air, both of which are incredibly valuable for life to exist.  It’s not about “positive thinking”, it’s about how we truly see things and the action we take.  The karma we give.         

Go do shit.


Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

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