The Problem with Logic is that it Hardly Ever Makes Sense

I’m looking at the size chart inside my shoe right now.  US = 11, UK = 10, EU = 45, and CM = 29.  Four different ways to measure a shoe.  Cool.

There are over 4,300 religions in the world.  The United Nations is made up of 193 different governments, with 16 different types.  There are over 7,500 different varieties of apples, so we can’t even compare, well … apples to apples.

There are 7,000 languages in the world, most of which have less than a thousand people who speak them.  Still it takes 23 different languages for more than half the world to communicate. 

Imagine if just one religion, one way of thinking, one faith, and one belief system within one specific religion was mandated worldwide.  One government.  One language. One religion.  One … apple.     

We would have to force the adherence.  And to do this, one governing body, the only one that exists would have to make the ultimate decision for all 8-billion of us.  Who makes that decision?  France?  Why not?  They did it with the metric system back around 1840 when they made its use compulsory. 

And the world followed?  Why?  It’s so cold.  Meanwhile, the imperial system is warm, it feels good, we get it inherently, it’s divisible by threes, and it has an outstanding history.   

I mean, we go to the pub for a pint, not a half-liter. 

We go the extra mile, not the extra kilometer. 

We reach milestones.  Mile – stones! 

We don’t see marathoners with white stickers on their bumper with “42.195”. 

We still measure horses in hands and British MMA fighters in stone!  

“But the metric system is based on logic.”  It’s not, but that’s another story for another time.  I only pick on the metric system, because I can’t stand it.  Moving on …

It may be logical, but the problem with logic is that it hardly ever makes sense.  Sense is a human thing.  It’s why and how we’re intelligent. 

That’s the problem with AI as well.  Artificial Intelligence is artificial, but not intelligent.  A smart car is smart; not intelligent.  In fact, it’s quite senseless.  Real intelligence goes way beyond logic.   

Love, passion, art, romance, soul, emotion, feel, nuance, intuition, personality, and that je ne sais quoi are quite illogical for the most part, but very intelligent.  Very human.    

When we strip the world of cultural variety, we lose our humanity and natural engagement.

Old buildings, castles, museums, and churches with their stone walls, columns, ornate fixtures, gargoyles, marble, carved wood, and artistic nuances have been replaced with straight lines, steel, glass, and logic, stripping away the soul to deliver practicality.  Blah.

We don’t need to adhere to one standard of anything to appreciate each other, to communicate effectively, or to live together on this planet.  In fact, I think the opposite is true.  Our differences, philosophies, approach, style, architecture, language, food, and so on, is what brings us together. 

As long as we don’t try to radically force one religion, apple, government, measuring system, or shoe size across the world, we will connect organically.  Or not, and that’s okay too.  That’s choice.  As long as we’re not assholes about it.

Why would we travel to a foreign country if everything was exactly the same? 

It just wouldn’t make sense.


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