Don’t Be the Third Quote

In business, a quote is a proposal package for a combination of products and/or services at the best possible price; eh, the cheapest.  So, we’re not getting the best.  The actual best is very expensive and justifiably so.  We’re not getting the cheapest either.  The cheapest is crap and we don’t’ want that.  No, it’s a combination of pretty damn good, for a really good price.   

It’s usually some sort of purchasing agent or department that has a job or project and requests these quotes from suppliers.  To make it official, to get this project through the system and approved by whatever powers that be, they need three quotes.  It shows that they’ve done their “due diligence”. 

The first two quotes have a shot and many times, the first has the best shot.  They already have a direction in mind and it’s probably the first quote. The second quote has a shot if it’s unexpectedly more attractive than the first. 

But, the third quote?  The third quote is usually (not all the time, but usually), just a formality.  It’s just being used to show they have three quotes and has very little chance of being selected. 

Some purchasing agents are even so bold as to say it, “We just need a third quote.  Just send me something.”  Uh, okay.  And many companies will provide one, just to show … I don’t know, good faith?  “We’re still here if you need us for anything.  Please don’t forget we exist.”  Ugh. 

We’re not just talking about business here.  This goes for life as well.

Never be the third quote.  I don’t like second either.  If you spend too long trying to convince anyone who treats you like a third quote, you’ll miss out on the one who would treat you like a priority.  Help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation.  A little self-respect goes a long way.

There’s even a problem with “the best” isn’t there?  Out of these three, I’m the best in their mind?  Ooh, pick me, pick me!  Please?  “The best” is subjective and relative, isn’t it?  Sure, we need to be the best to win the deal and the best way to be the best for this deal or that deal is to, well … be our best. 

Being our best should be intrinsic to us.  It should be our standard way of being, but for our own soul, not for someone’s approval.  Do this right, with full confident awareness and we’ll most likely be the first quote.  Confidence isn’t, “They will like me”.  Confidence is, “It’s fine if they don’t”.

Instead of trying to be the best, be the only.

When they’re caught up in their world of comparing apples to apples, be the passion fruit.  By the way, there’s no such thing as “comparing apples to apples”.  There are over 7,500 different varieties of apples in the world.  With a number that large, good luck getting a look. 

Be your best, always.  Love yourself.  Allow yourself to be authentic and confident. 

Don’t be the third quote.  Don’t be an apple.  Be the only.


Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

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