The Unconditional Expression of a Spark

The spark is gone.

Of course it’s gone.  It’s a spark.

A spark is a spark and that’s all it is and all it can be.  A spark.

If the spark remained, it wouldn’t be a spark.  It would be a fire.

The spark starts the fire or it doesn’t.  Either way, it’s job is done.

Some sparks don’t catch, but when they do, well … now we have a fire.

The fire takes diligent nurturing at first, but in short time, becomes a blaze.

Intense heat, passion, excitement, and energy.

But, then it subsides.  The wild craziness of the blaze is gone, but not the fire.

The fire naturally reduces itself to warmth, comfort, care, love, and something more manageable.

Something … more.

With some pokes and stokes, it will burn, providing and giving unconditionally.


As long as we care.

Photo by Courtnie Tosana on Unsplash

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