A License to be Happy

I just saw one of those old, tired “motivational” platitudes, posted on Linkedin: 

It reads, “Tell me I can’t do it and I’ll show you I can.” 

Show who?  Who is this “you”?  Who gives a shit?

Where does this phantom “you” get such bullshit, gas-lighting authority and judgement to call us out?

Well, the thing is, there isn’t a “you”.  They don’t actually exist.  

The person speaking is someone who thinks they need to prove something to the acceptance or judgement of someone else’s perception of them.  There was never a “you”.  The speaker made them up from a place of insecurity and a need to believe they’re so important that some “you” actually cares in such a twisted way that they’re calling him or her out: “You can’t do it.”

This isn’t motivational.  It’s sad.

“I’ll show you” should never be the reason to accomplish anything.  Maybe I can, maybe I will, maybe I can’t, maybe I won’t, maybe I’ll succeed, and maybe I’ll fail, but it’s got nothing to do with outside validation. 

This isn’t a license to be an asshole, but it is a license to be happy.  The real value is intrinsic.  While it feels good to get likes, approvals, and a golf-clap here and there, what our soul really wants and needs is our own love, happiness, and approval of ourselves.  “Well done, me!”

And our close family and friends, the ones who love us and we love back, wouldn’t put that shit on us, so they aren’t the “you” either.  Who is this person?! 


Go be your own badass. 


Photo by Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash

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