What Ever Happened to the Quality Experience?

And how to win in 2023!

Standards, class, care, pride, integrity, decorum, respect, personability, responsibility, execution, and delivery have all gone to shit.  My order came out wrong, the sales guy showed up late (real late), customer service won’t call me back (most don’t even have a phone number), and the slowest sloth-like service on the planet with a f*ck-you attitude. 

Overbooked?  Well, you shouldn’t have done that.  How did this become the customer’s burden?  “Sorry, the dining room is really full and we’re short-staffed.”  Okay … maybe next time, limit the number of customers into the dining room.  And why are you short-staffed?  Pay more for one quality person as opposed to three people who get paid crap money that no one could afford to live on.  Everything has astronomically (and artificially) increased in price, except pay. 

And no, minimum wage should not be mandated, nor set by the government.  That’s your job as a business.  $15/hour is about $30,000/year minus taxes, making it about $26,000.  The average rent for a regular apartment is about $24,000/year.  Then there’s food, a car, insurance, a phone, internet, repairs on just about anything, clothes, and a lot of other life shit.

You can’t get anyone to work?  No kidding.  It’s not worth it.  Employees or staff don’t care?  No kidding.  But, that’s on the business and business owner, not the government.  If you go out of business or close the doors, because you suck, then that’s how capitalism works.  It’s self-regulating, because the marketplace, your customers and your employees will take care of that. 

Unfortunately, we’ve become accustomed to shit quality and bad service and these shit businesses are still open.  Long lines, attitude, a complete lack of care that you’re breathing, you get ignored, no response, and just an overall cold reception.  No warmth, friendliness, respect, know-how, smile, sense of urgency, no … humanity.    

I’ve significantly reduced how much I eat out.  I can’t justify it.  It’s a lot of money for disappointment and frustration.  I DIY as much as I possibly can, because I know that I care about doing it right.  Even though I may not be as skilled as an expert, I will YouTube it, study it, and at least try, before I call anyone. 

I called an appliance parts store the other day, because I need shock absorbers for our washing machine.  The guy told me they’re $75 each and will take about three to four weeks to get in.  I needed four of them, so that’s $300.  That’s half the cost of a new washer for this model.  WTF?  Within minutes, I had all four of them shipping to my house for arrival the next day for a total of $65.  Amazon is not putting brick and mortar out of business; you are.  You suck.

I haven’t seen my doctor in a long time, because apparently everyone seems to be okay with a 1:30 appointment in the middle of my work day where I don’t get seen until 2:42.  But, make sure you show up on time or you’ll be charged your copay and they can’t guarantee that the doctor will see you.  Okay, do I get money off my copay for the hour I sat here?  Then I’m referred to some “specialist”, because the doctor doesn’t actually do anything; more of a concierge.  Then more appointments and months down the road to find out that they can’t figure it out.  But, here’s a prescription for a pharmaceutical that will probably kill you.  You suck. 

These are just a few examples, but I’m sure you all have lots of first-hand experiences with this sort of thing.  It’s a shame that with all our technological advances, we lost quality.  It can and should be so much better.  There are still businesses out there that care with good people and I choose them to do business with them.    

So, 2023 presents an incredible opportunity for new business owners and entrepreneurs, no matter what your product, service, platform, and/or delivery.  Why?  It’s easy!  All you have to do is not suck. 

You don’t even have to be exceptional anymore, just don’t suck.  Don’t suck and you win in ’23.

Cheers  Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

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