Rob Wilson

Yoga teacher: RYT200 with National Yoga Alliance. Writer, speaker, martial artist, Tough Mudder Legionnaire, business leader, social comedian, and reality guru. I value people and life’s journey.

no yogi?

Yoga is living in union with the universe.  It’s not about a rigid adherence to a set of rules, a belief system, or a title, such as “yogi”.  It is a way of being and living that way in reality. 

While by definition, I am, and I do practice living the way of yoga, being authentic is more important to me than the title of yogi.  This allows me to communicate freely and effectively without hypocrisy.    

I am no yogi.  I just am.


What’s been said

“Rob is equal parts Simon Sinek and Chuck Norris.  I think you’re going to like him.  He has a true talent for explaining complex topics in simple, jargon-free language that is entertaining and compelling.” 

– Kent Callison: Director of Marketing, GameTime

“Rob combines humor, analogies and thought provoking observations that give me great reminders about what my team needs to stay focused on.”

– David Hill: Senior Sales & Marketing Executive, GameTime

​“The creation of Zen within one’s life is a journey that will never end.  Rob is on that journey.  His professional, creative, and motivating style has helped me get through some difficult times.  When things get tough, I remember his words.”

– Kirt Roosa: Tennessee Sales Engineer

​“Rob gets people. His approach is tangible.  Our company gets better every time I sit down and chat with him.” 

 – Greg Copponex: President, The Copponex Group

​“Through his writings I have been able to take normal everyday happenings in life and use them in my job to better myself.  Thanks Rob.”

– Dennis Deal: Territory Sales Manager


“I always find his articles witty, fun to follow, and easy to relate to.  Sometimes I’m even provoked to think differently, more open minded, and rethink things to have a more positive perspective.”

Cindy Robinson: Project Manager, GameTime