Navigating our lives in reality can be quite messy.  It’s dynamic with an infinite number of variables, situations, and circumstances.  When you add us humans to the equation, each with our own set of beliefs, opinions, philosophies, education, influence, and a million other things, including our current mood, which can change at any given time, well … that’s reality in real time. 

What we learned in the classroom, doesn’t translate to the work place.  What we learned in the dojo, doesn’t work in the street.  What we read in that book, heard at the seminar, and watched on that documentary, just doesn’t account for reality.  It can’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good information.

The better we understand the black and white of things, the more effectively we can operate within the gray.  Life is a trillion shades of gray. 

This series of articles, posts, and stories are shared to help navigate the our messy gray reality.  It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly imperfect and its ours to live.

Thank you, cheers, and Namaste.

Rob Wilson: Yogi (I am no yogi), writer, speaker, martial artist, Tough Mudder, business leader, social comedian, casual bartender, and reality guru.

What People Say

Rob is equal parts Simon Sinek and Chuck Norris.  I think you’re going to like him.  He has a true talent for explaining complex topics in simple, jargon-free language that is entertaining and compelling.” 

Kent Callison
Director of Marketing, GameTime

​“The creation of Zen within one’s life is a journey that will never end.  Rob is on that journey.  His professional, creative, and motivating style has helped me get through some difficult times.  When things get tough, I remember his words.”

Kirt Roosa
Sales Engineer

​“Rob gets people. His approach is tangible.  Our company gets better every time I sit down and chat with him.” 

Gregg Copponex
President, The Copponex Group