Don’t Be the Third Quote

In business, a quote is a proposal package for a combination of products and/or services at the best possible price; eh, the cheapest.  So, we’re not getting the best.  The actual best is very expensive and justifiably so.  We’re not getting the cheapest either.  The cheapest is crap and we don’t’ want that.  No, it’s … Continue reading Don’t Be the Third Quote

What Would Ol’ Jack Burton Do In a Situation Like This?

Catalysts, deliberate or unintentional, real or perceived can affect our actions, alter our plans, and divert our approach.  It’s like when I bought my first house.  It took a lot of sacrifice and hard work to make that happen and it was a fixer-upper.  $80k. Yep.    One day, I was installing a screen door … Continue reading What Would Ol’ Jack Burton Do In a Situation Like This?

Can You Make My Daughter Taller?

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the problem and solving for X won't get you to Y … or, why. Finding the right solution takes care.  Care to question linear thinking, to step back, observe, process information, allow for imagination, trust your instincts, and try to connect dots.  Then you have to be so bold as to … Continue reading Can You Make My Daughter Taller?