A Joyful Explosion of Humanity

Right around this time every year, I’m riveted, mesmerized, and lost for about three hours in front of my television.  No … not that show.  Not that one either. This show is an eclectic mix of genres, backgrounds, and styles, mixing together like a well-blended cocktail of only the best unrelated ingredients served in a … Continue reading A Joyful Explosion of Humanity

Let Go of the Darkness

In trying times, we need to make it a priority to be kind.  Be mindful.  It’s not easy.  But, it’s important.  Sure we’re emotional, things are going sideways, and everyone’s adding their drama. It’s natural, but us humans can be pretty shitty to each other.  Let’s not do that. While our individual experiences and perceptions of … Continue reading Let Go of the Darkness