Even Monkeys Fall from Trees

Climbing, swinging, sitting, eating, socializing, playing, and living in trees isn’t just second nature to monkeys.  It IS nature.  It’s their way of being. But … “Even monkeys fall from trees”. – Japanese Proverb Humans fall from “trees” too.  We slip, stumble, and fall literally and metaphorically.  Sometimes, someone else pushes us out of the … Continue reading Even Monkeys Fall from Trees

Why Do We Do This to Ourselves?

We texted them this morning and they haven’t gotten back to us.  The non-response leaves a huge gap.  So, our mind begins to construct a story to fill it in and that story is the worst possible and/or outlandish scenario our creative mind can manifest.  It could be anything from a car accident to a … Continue reading Why Do We Do This to Ourselves?

The Design of Friendship is to Multiply Joy

This is my second attempt at this article. I took the first one down, because I realized the approach was all wrong.  How we express something is just as important as what we’re expressing.  Thank you for the opportunity and thanks for reading.  With that in mind …       In his book, Survival of the … Continue reading The Design of Friendship is to Multiply Joy