That Time I Met My Childhood Self

One night, in Yoga Teacher Training, our instructor took us through meditation.  Nothing unusual, but this time, we were to go back and meet our childhood selves as we are right now.  I never thought of doing this before and I thought, “Oh, this will be a fun experiment.”  Maybe, I’d give him a high-five … Continue reading That Time I Met My Childhood Self


Meta X = X about X So, if X is data, then Metadata is information about data. Data, data. It’s self-referential. Meta-archeology is archeology about the study of human history. Archeology, archeology. Meta-comedy is comedy about jokes.  Very funny. Even a metaphor is using one word/phrase to designate another word/phrase. It’s next level stuff, right?  … Continue reading Meta-human

Is Karma Really a Bitch?

“Oh, she’s such a nice person.  Karma’s a bitch!” Said, no one … ever.  It just doesn’t make sense. Rarely, do we hear karma mentioned after a kind act.  “Karma’s a saint!”  Sounds weird, doesn’t it.  But, we’re quick to call her(?) the “B” word.  We’re so focused on the negative, ready to cheer the … Continue reading Is Karma Really a Bitch?