Be the Guide, Not the Show: 10 Wisdoms

I grew up as an only child and an introvert.  In my third year of college, I had to take Public Speaking and I remember thinking about dropping out, because of it.  I went to that class against my own will and with a bad attitude.  Oh, I was kicking and screaming like a three-year … Continue reading Be the Guide, Not the Show: 10 Wisdoms


Meta X = X about X So, if X is data, then Metadata is information about data. Data, data. It’s self-referential. Meta-archeology is archeology about the study of human history. Archeology, archeology. Meta-comedy is comedy about jokes.  Very funny. Even a metaphor is using one word/phrase to designate another word/phrase. It’s next level stuff, right?  … Continue reading Meta-human

Leader: No Titles Needed

Back in my single digits, I remember getting birthday cards in the mail addressing me as “Master Wilson” or “Master Rob”. That was pretty cool. You don’t see that much anymore. In accordance with the English honorary system, as we become adults, “Master” becomes Mister (Mr.), where Mr. is used to denote rank below Knighthood. That would be “Sir”. … Continue reading Leader: No Titles Needed