High Efficiency Yoga and the Death of Romance

If practicality, efficiency, utilitarian functionality, and austerity put a bustle in our hedgerow, then Starbucks would look and feel like a cold-war clinic. All cars would look like a Dodge Aries K with roll-down windows and get 40 MPG. No fancy bourbons, wines, beers, or gins either; just Everclear, which is very efficient, by the … Continue reading High Efficiency Yoga and the Death of Romance

Threshold of Happiness

There I was, seat 21D, flying home from my annual performance review.  I got a nice bonus and was feeling pretty good.  I was surrounded by a group of people who worked for a large corporation and apparently they had a damn good year, considering this conversation: “I got a Porsche.  What am I going … Continue reading Threshold of Happiness