A Yogi Without a Mat is Still a Yogi

When it comes to violins, the Stradivarius has no equal.  Their value can go into the $10-million range and to have one in my hands would be against the laws of the universe.  Unless I hit my head and wake up a virtuoso, I will never master that kind of skill. No violin will make … Continue reading A Yogi Without a Mat is Still a Yogi

An Absolute Doorway to the Soul

“The cold is an absolute doorway to the soul.” - Wim Hof, The Ice Man I’ve run four Tough Mudders and five other obstacle course races.  Why do people do this?  Everyone has their reasons, but for me, when I’m in the freezing ice-water, crawling through claustrophobic pipes half filled with water, jumping off platforms … Continue reading An Absolute Doorway to the Soul

Is Karma Really a Bitch?

“Oh, she’s such a nice person.  Karma’s a bitch!” Said, no one … ever.  It just doesn’t make sense. Rarely, do we hear karma mentioned after a kind act.  “Karma’s a saint!”  Sounds weird, doesn’t it.  But, we’re quick to call her(?) the “B” word.  We’re so focused on the negative, ready to cheer the … Continue reading Is Karma Really a Bitch?