A Positive Mutation of Spirit

As Charles Xavier said, “Mutation is the key to our evolution.”  Ongoingly, evolution is a slow and gradual process, but every once in a while, it takes a leap forward. 

“Brittany Runs a Marathon” is a movie based on a true story about a woman who’s sense of self-worth was deep in the gutter.  She was obese, had no confidence, a dark outlook on personal relationships, and in financial debt.  A trip to the doctor revealed she had some major health issues, due to her lifestyle.

She began to see things and realize things about her life.  She transformed herself, not just physically, but more importantly, mentally, emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually.  She found inner happiness and therefore, more fulfilling and healthy relationships with other people. 

All of this came through the challenge of running a marathon.  Through extreme physical stress, she leaped forward in a positive mutation of spirit.    

Along the way, she had social, psychological, and emotional setbacks, physical injuries, and tests of mental fortitude, which came with legitimate excuses to quit, but she didn’t.  Why?

Because her spirit had already mutated.  There ain’t no stopping that train.

Six years ago, I completed my third Tough Mudder; twelve miles of brutal obstacles that test the toughness of your mind, body, and soul.  I was standing at the finish line, enjoying my free beer, waiting for my friends to cross, when I noticed a woman off to my right.   

She was gazing back at the course, her face smeared with her own blood.  She was obese, full of mud, soaking wet, shaking, and crying.  I didn’t just see her, I really saw her.  She glanced over at me and I gave her a nod, like the acknowledgement of a fellow badass.  Through tears, she nodded back. 

Okay, that wasn’t quite going to do it, so I went over and offered a fist bump, which turned into a full on hug.  She was sobbing.  I congratulated her and walked away as her family came to greet her.

It was pretty obvious that her tears weren’t about the physical pain she was in.  This was about her transformation, her accomplishment, the dropping of past baggage, and the beginning of the rest of journey.  Such an incredible moment to share with a complete stranger. 

We are responsible for the soul we carry through this experience of human life and it very much wants to have a positive relationship with us.  It wants us to enjoy this existence, as it expands, grows, and evolves on this leg of its journey.   

And it’s not about having a strict diet or adhering to rules that are self-imposed, because we think that’s the right way to do life.  Not at all.  We could end up being a wallflower and that’s just a complete waste of a DJ.  This life is a dance and dammit, we should dance.  And not that preprogrammed line dancing crap.  Feel the music, feel the rhythm, the vibration, and move how only you move.  Sure, we’ll make mistakes, fall down, bump into others, and maybe feel a bit foolish at times, but it’s all part of the experience.  Have fun!

But, a bit of restraint and sensibility.  Living a life the way Brittany was doing it was not good in many ways.  She actually went to her doctor to score some pharmaceuticals.  Instead, she began to see her soul, which sparked a positive mutation of spirit.

Photo by Martins Zemlickis on Unsplash

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