You Can Feel It. That Cold Ain’t the Weather

That’s a quote from the movie, 30 Days of Night, where vampires invade Barrow, Alaska.  Horrible and brilliant at the same time, but what a great line: “That cold ain’t the weather.”

Climate change?  Yes, but it ain’t the weather.  It’s getting excessively cold in some areas as we turn up the heat and it has nothing to do with the weather. 

We’re in the middle of a giant storm right now.  It’s causing spinoff storms that are getting more and more destructive, more violent, and more frequent.  As soon as one seems to pass, there’s another right behind it.

We’re losing friends and neighbors to floods of divisiveness and stirred-up-racism where none existed, because we keep dumping this pollution into our water supply.

Tornados of hatred, manifested from fear tactics are destroying lives.  They pop up out of nowhere and tear up everything in their path, leaving behind human shrapnel and broken souls.      

Earthquakes of cancel culture and some bullshit called “wokeness” caused by cracks in real human understanding and intelligence are swallowing up good people and everything they built. 

Blizzards of arrogance, narcissism, gas-lighting, pomposity, and self-righteousness are burying all of us in a smothering blanket of ice. 

Tsunamis of treachery, violence, and war are destroying beautiful coastlines, neighborhoods, businesses, and whole cities.

Wild fires, mud slides, eruptions, and hurricanes of widespread cynicism, rudeness, stupidity, red tape, rigmarole, incompetence, lies, made-up drama, politics, anger (why are you so fucking angry), secrets, ideologies, negativity, defensiveness, unfaithfulness, sheep mentality, Karenism (I added the “ism), one-upping, hatred, crybaby shit, insecurity, drama, self-righteousness, and overall weakness.   

Weakness of character, morals, and ethics.  Weakness of grit, resiliency, and mental fortitude.  Weakness of intelligence, sense of self, conscientiousness, personability, and thought. 

But, it’s not all our fault.  Since we were children, we’ve been taught (mandated) to fall in line.  Think this way, that way, choose a side (not that side!).  We’ve been manipulated for the gain of others and the climate has been changing for a long time.  There’s lots of money to be made from this “climate change”, but we’re not the ones getting rich.  Meanwhile, entire societies are drowning.

That cold ain’t the weather.  

Storms are nature’s way of resetting the earth’s homeostasis and dammit it’s pouring rain.  Lightning and thunder are raging and the winds are very powerful.  As storms do, this will pass, but not on its own. 

It’ll take a sense of humanity, forgiveness, love, laughter, humor (we must be able to laugh at ourselves, because we’re all a little weird), music, communication, candor, care, kindness, empathy, truth, hope, positivity, understanding, trust, art, strength, free speech, freedom, respect, intelligence, and genuine friendship.

One day soon, we’ll all (all of us) will enjoy the weather, once again. 

Those who spend this incredible 400-trillion to one human existence on anger, misery, violence, and hatred, destroying the lives and peace of other humans in the name of some “cause” or political view, will be forgotten. 

What a waste.

Besides, the thought that we could actually accomplish anything lastingly good through such terrible means is overwhelmingly misguided. 

We exist on a speck of dust in a universe so vast, it’s incomprehensible.  The entire human existences is hardly a blip.  Our individual existence is quite insignificant on a cosmic scale, yet our inflated sense of importance is immeasurable. 

This human experience is a gift.  Sure, we’ll experience loss, tragedy, sadness, anger, evil, and so on, but we needn’t perpetuate it, propagate it, and purvey it.  Life is meant to be lived, so let’s sing, laugh, create, play, innovate, build, relate, share, be happy, be friendly, relax, and just … be. 

Let’s dance.  Cheers.

Photo by Abolfazl Eslami on Unsplash

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